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New album out!

After a long time, rehearsals, recording, mixing and mastering… today is our day!
Our 3rd album is out!
Enjoy and spread the word!

BAiLDSA – WarZone (2018)
Released by Mantra Records.

BAiLDSA’s third album “WarZone” re-introduces the band to its audience…
A brand new “wall of sound” with massive guitars and drum beats,
blending the band’s balkan roots with the never ending alternative
and post punk tradition around the globe.
Aggressive but still gently the band’s songwriting
evolves in a unique style, creating its own soundscape.
So…uncalm and enter the WarZone.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Nikodemos Triaridis.
Assistant sound engineer: Asteris Partalios.
Recorded at Magnanimous Recording Studio, except track (4) recorded at the The Sonic Ark studio.
Mastered at Nvelope Recording Studio – Thessaloniki Greece.
Thessaloniki, Greece (2017-2018).
Artwork by Petros Voulgaris / Design, Illustration & Screenprinting.
Animated artwork by Gerasimos Karipidis.

Karvounaris Paschalis: trumpets, euphonium on tracks (4), (5)
Emmanouil Tsiaousis: trombone on track (3)
Giorgos Kortsinidis: davul on track (4)

Special thanks to Alex Kàrametis and VIC (band) for embracing us inside the Mantra.