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BAiLDSA and Mpelafon join forces creating a massive single track, part of the band’s project called “F&F”, which stands for friends & family.

“ΠΟΣΟ” (“POSO”) is a fresh blend of BAiLDSA’s explosive sound of dubstep beats, heavy guitar riffs and balkan melodies combined with the jaw dropping rap skills of Mpelafon on a drill-like style. A balkan-rock drill-step.

The back story of this collaboration puts two cousins in the same studio, Thanos of the BAiLDSA and Mpelafon, for the first time in their careers. The result is pretty hot!

released December 17, 2021
Music: BAiLDSA
Lyrics: Mpelafon
Produced by Yianz G. , BAiLDSA and Mpelafon
Mixed by Yianz G. at GHP.
Mastered by Siopis Masters (Apostolos Siopis)
Recorded at BAiLDSA’s studio, except drums recorded at Stereo Vibe studio by Yianz G. and Mpelafon vocals recorded at Pilotirio Studio by Mikros Kleftis.
Cover artwork by @mirkocoverart

Mpelafon: raps, vocals, 808 drum beats
Thanos Gountanos - guitars, vocals
Dimitris Havlidis - trumpets
Rafos Gentzis - synth
Giannis Ioannidis - bass
Prodromos Mistakidis - drums