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Lion’s Den

After the release of their 3d album, named "WarZone", BAiLDSA are back with a brand new e-single, with heavy beats and massive guitars, blended with the balkan brass taste. The track is called "Lion's Den", totally remade by BAiLDSA, with blessings from the original creator, Kiril Dzaijkovski.

Music by Kiril Dzaijkovski/BAiLDSA
Lyrics by Stephen Garfield Townsend/James Ormond Davis
Produced, mixed and mastered by Nikodemos T.
Recorded at "nVelope" studio Thessaloniki, Greece (2020).


Thanos Gountanos - guitars, vocals
Dimitris Havlidis - trumpets, vocals
Rafos Gentzis - accordion, keys
Yiannis Ioannidis - bass, percussion
Prodromos Mistakidis - drums